3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse

    The 3WBRC is a basic, entry level, learn to ride a 3-wheeled motorcycle training and education course. Students provide the trike for the course.
  • A 12-14 hour course
  • Tuition fees vary but will not exceed $150.00. Visit our "Sites" tab for site locations.
  • Students must posses a valid permit or motorcycle license and proof of insurance.
  • RiderCoaches will perform a safety/readiness inspection of the trikes before class. Rider with trikes that do not pass this inspection will not be permitted to continue in the class.
  • RiderCoaches have the discretion to excuse any student that does not demonstrate adequate riding ability to continue with riding exercises.
  • Proper protective gear is required: 3/4 or full-faced DOT approved helmet, eye protection, long sleeved shirt, full-fingered gloves, long pants and over the ankle footwear.
  • Successful completion requires participation in both classroom and range activities.
  • Successful completion earns the rider an MSF 3WBRC completion card and a KMP completion card that waives KY's performance skills test to obtain a motorcycle license. Students with out of state permits, should contact their state's rider education coordinator to determine if KY's completion card is recognized in their state.
  • No sidecars or detachable trike kits are permitted.

    • KMP defines 3 Wheeled motorcycle as the following:
    • 3 track vehicle with dual wheels either in front or rear
    • Motorcycle based conversion or design
    • Turning diameter at is widest point must be less than 40 feet
    • The vehicle meets all applicable federal and state vehicle standards

    *** Note: the 3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse Rider Handbook can be viewed in the Library Section of www.msf-usa.org ***