Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC 2)

The BRC2 is NOT a basic rider's course. It is a course for the experienced rider who wants to hone riding techniques on their own motorcycle. Passengers are permitted during many of the riding activities.

  • A one day course.
  • The course is offered at many of our training sites across KY. Visit the "Sites" tab for details. Tuition fees vary but will not exceed $75.00.
  • Participation in all range exercises and classroom activities is required.
  • Proper protective attire is required: a 3/4 or full-faced DOT approved helmet, eye protection, long sleeved shirt, full-fingered gloves, long pants and over the ankle footwear.
  • Participants must provide proof of either motorcycle permit or license as well as proof of insurance prior to the start of class.
  • Participants use their own street legal motorcycle.
  • Before the start of class, there will be a safety inspection of each bike for street safety and readiness. RiderCoaches have the discretion to excuse a rider with a cycle that does not pass inspection.
  • RiderCoaches have the discretion to excuse any rider who is not demonstrating adequate riding ability to safely remain in the course.
  • Participants with permits may complete the optional written knowledge test and on-cycle skills evaluation in order to earn KMP's state completion card that waives KY's performance skills test for a motorcycle license. Students with an out-of-state permit should contact their state's rider education coordinator to see if their state will recognized the Kentucky completion card. Visit for state coordinator information.