Participant Information

  • Participants MUST be at least 16 years of age on the date of the class. Parents/guardians of 16 and 17 year old KY residents are required to contact the Site Provider prior to the start of class to sign a Course Waiver Form.

  • Participants MUST be able to balance a bicycle. Sounds strange? Not really. They are both two-wheeled vehicles that must be balanced by the rider.

    Full protective riding gear is required for all courses. We do not expect students to visit a motorcycle shop to get true "motorcycle gear" but we do require some basics. You will be wearing this protective gear anytime you are seated on the motorcycle. Make sure its comfortable as well as protective. Full gear includes head to toe coverage:
  • DOT APPROVED HELMET: If you do not have a helmet, we will provide one for you. If you would like to use your own helmet, show the RiderCoach the helmet you'd like to use. We'll check to see if it meets these requirements: is DOT approved, is at least a three quarter or full faced type.
  • EYE PROTECTION: During course exercises, this requirement can be met by wearing a lowered helmet visor, sunglasses, prescription glasses, safety glasses or goggles. While these may not the best choices for street riding, they meet the need to protect your eyes during riding exercises.
  • FULL-FINGERED GLOVES: Gloves must cover your fingertips. Students have used gardening gloves, leather gloves or Mechanic gloves for riding exercises. Gloves not only protect your hands but give you a better grip on the controls.
  • LONG SLEEVES: It's okay to wear a short-sleeved shirt as long as you bring a long sleeved jacket to put on while riding the exercises.
  • LONG PANTS: Pants should be made of sturdy material with no tears.
  • OVER THE ANKLE FOOTWEAR: Touch your ankle bone with your finger. Any footwear that covers that bone is permissible. The best motorcycle footwear has a nonslip bottom without heels.

    Successful completion of all KMP classes requires complete attendance and compliance to course rules.
  • BRC: pass a written and on-cycle skills evaluation;
  • 3WBRC: pass a written and on-trike skills evaluation;
  • BRC2: participate in all range activities - students may opt to take a written test and on-cycle skills evaluation to earn a waiver to KY's performance skills test;
  • ARC: participate in all classroom and range exercises.

  • BRC: Tuition varies from Site to Site but will not exceed $150.00.
  • 3WBRC: Tuition varies from Site to Site but will not exceed $150.00.
  • BRC2: Tuition varies from Site to Site but will not exceed $75.00.
  • ARC: Tuition varies from Site to Site but will not exceed $75.00.

  • Sites may charge more for out of state participants. Please contact the sites directly to determine what they charge out of state participants to participate in courses.

  • Visit our "Sites" tab for a list of our training sites and contact information.