RiderCoach Preparation Workshop

Motorcyclists who are interested in becoming KMP RiderCoaches must be at least 18 years old, be fully licensed, have a "clean" driving record and ride on a routine basis. As a Coach, you'll need good communication skills and a sincere desire to help promote rider safety. The first step to become a RiderCoach is to request an Application to Become a RiderCoach Candidate from KMP. Return the completed form to our office. When a RiderCoach Preparation Workshop is planned, you may be contacted to check your availability.

RiderCoach Preparation Workshop (RCP)

  • An intensive 60 hour Workshop -- attendance is mandatory for all classroom and range activities.
  • You will learn the nuts and bolts of conducting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse (BRC).
  • Throughout the RCP, you will practice teaching in the classroom and learn how to manage range exercises. You will also learn how to evaluate and coach novice students as they develop their riding skills.
  • After the initial training portion of the RCP, Candidates MUST pass a written test and on-cycle skills evaluation to continue in the class.
  • The course culminates when you and your classmates teach a complete BRC to group of new riders.
  • The Workshop is facilitated by a RiderCoach Trainer who will evaluate your progress.
  • Trainers may excuse any Candidate who does not demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the course.
  • Upon successful completion of the RCP, you become a nationally certified MSF RiderCoach. If you are going to teach in KY, you must complete an additional Kentucky specific Update. To maintain these credentials, you are required to meet both MSF and KMP standards.
  • RiderCoaches MUST abide by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Rules of Professional Conduct. Visit MSF at http://www.msf-usa.org

  • Managing a group of novice motorcyclists in an environment of constant movement is a challenging task. Participant safety is the highest priority in all rider education courses. RiderCoaches must continuously observe and evaluate participants to ensure they meet minimum aptitude requirements for their safety and the safety of others on the range.

    KMP is always accepting applications!

    Complete the application below and return to the KMP Office.
    Open Application

    Note: RiderCoach Preparation Workshops are conducted on an as needed basis, completion of an application does not guarantee an invitation to a workshop.
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